Wednesday, 27 March 2013

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Brand new: Christine Haynes Rosemary Collar pattern

Don't you just love it when a package containing new sewing goodies arrives? This week, the new and exciting Rosemary Collar pattern by Christine Haynes arrived in my mailbox from Los Angeles, California. I'd been looking for a pattern that simplified the collar-making process, and Christine's does not disappoint. With a pattern layout that is clear and instructions that are detailed, yet easy to follow I'm looking forward to making some very vintage Rosemary collars of my own. I have some ditsy floral fat quarters earmarked for this one. I'll let you all know how I get on. 

I just love how Christine's patterns are lovingly packaged, and include a thank you card giving more information about her range of patterns, online classes and books. I ordered mine directly from the US website as the Rosemary Collar wasn't in stock here in the UK yet, however Sewbox do stock Christine's other gorgeous garment patterns that will arrive within days. 

Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for reading!

Emma x

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Customisation Formulation

I may have been watching too many episodes of The Big Bang theory or, this formula really does work!?

Take 1 basic cardigan + fab flower or vintage buttons x hand sewn at home = Chic look in this Spring's brights on a budget

Bring on the Spring sunshine :)

What have you been customising lately? Emma x

Friday, 8 March 2013

Sew Serendipity Skirt & Vintage Cuff in print!

Over Christmas I spent time uploading all my sewing images and sorting them. I realise this sentence sounds rather sad, perhaps it's the librarian in me! My Mum kept nagging me (in the kindest possible why, as all good mums do!)  to email them to the popular sewing magazine reader's letter pages. 

I have bought many magazines over the years and I subscribe to the wonderful Cloth, so I thought I would try my luck. Having chosen 2 projects I am quite proud of, the Vintage Cuff below and the Sew Serendipity Skirt, I sent them off and thought no more about it! Then I received an email from the lovely Susan at Sewbox telling me I had won a £10 voucher linked with the Sew Magazine reader page. Shortly after, I received another email, this time from Morgan at Cloth Magazine asking for my address regarding the delivery of some Tilda fabric!!

Here are the of the magazine pieces:

The Vintage Cuff in Cloth's Inbox feature

The Sew Serendipity Skirt in Sew's Dear Sew feature

And the goodies? I hear you cry!

The Tilda Teal Fat Quarter

The Papercut La Sylphide pattern courtesy of Sewbox

There is nothing quite like being recognised for a hobby you strive to be good at! I'm so excited about creating a version of the chic La Sylphide dress in a ditsy print fabric. The pattern is 3 in 1 a blouse, skirt or dress giving me the opportunity to try separates too, and making it a great value buy!

So don't be shy, go on send off images of your lovely sewing creations to your favourite magazines!

Emma x

Monday, 7 January 2013

What's on my New Year sewing table?

Happy New Year everyone! 
Time to get my sewing self together and show you what I've been up to in late 2012. Big, positive changes happened for me last year in my work and personal life. Looking ahead I want to really invest some time in my sewing again. I was lucky enough to receive a working lamp in teal for Christmas. As well as, the wonderful Lady Valet below. It's great for my back and posture being able to work standing up, rather than stopping and starting to give myself a break! 

Here is my current Work In Progress, introducing the Lisette K2059 dress. Shaping for my small bust and wide hips has taken some time (to say the least), but has been very much worth it. I'm really looking forward to making this in other fabrics from my ever growing stash. 
If you are looking to purchase a sewing form I would recommend the Lady Valet. The form's soft fabric holds your work in place very well, and the spinning feature means you can achieve a great finish and fit to your specific measurements. 

For 2013 I've decided not to make any sewing resolutions, my only resolution will be to enjoy my sewing and post on this blog more regularly about all things sew!! Do you have any burning sewing resolutions for the new year?

Emma x

Sunday, 8 July 2012

My finished Simplicity 2599 Ruffle top!

Isn't it gorgeous! It's been a bittersweet journey with this top. I cut out in November, and it sat patiently in the queue behind my multi fabric skirt for some considerable time. I must confess before I created the ruffle I wasn't at all happy with it, I was wondering if it might end up in the bin for a while. I'm so glad it's worked out. I have already worn it to work and with jeans last weekend. With this weather we are having a bit of sunshine yellow is cheering me no end, especially as I have had an aching all over- snotty virus. 

I have been asked several times whether it's made of real silk, it's actually a cheap poly-cotton, but I'm still hand-washing it! It cost just over £3 for the 1.5 metres of fabric and £8 for the pattern, which I will definitely be using again.  


I had the coordinating button in my collection, but it was bought at The Pin Tin - my local haberdashery store. Andrea has some fantastic buttons and ribbons in stock. 

I'm really pleased that the back neck ruffle has turned out so well. It felt like a gamble putting it together  as it was my very first top. I will be making another in better quality fabric, now I know it will work as it's perfect for so many occasions!

Finally, I had to add my Madonna/sewing obsessed reference to this top. I was a teenager when the Immaculate collection was released, and spent many a weekend with my BFF making up (poor) dance routines to Material Girl, it was easily my favourite track on the album. And I am still truly 'a Material Girl'...(if not dancing and singing into my hairbrush on a regular basis!!).

Thanks for reading,
Emma x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee bunting & a new Lisette pattern!

The Diamond Jubilee weekend celebrations went ahead despite a mixed bag of weather. The Thames pageant was an epic event and the concert featured stars of British rock and pop. Here in Plymouth we celebrated with street parties and fairs. I baked cakes and made bunting!
I have a new pattern to make including a dress, top and skirt. I love them all, but I'm not sure which to start with and what fabric to use, any ideas?

Emma x

P.S I'm having terrible problems uploading photos to blogger at the moment. Excuse the grainy photos!