Friday, 8 March 2013

Sew Serendipity Skirt & Vintage Cuff in print!

Over Christmas I spent time uploading all my sewing images and sorting them. I realise this sentence sounds rather sad, perhaps it's the librarian in me! My Mum kept nagging me (in the kindest possible why, as all good mums do!)  to email them to the popular sewing magazine reader's letter pages. 

I have bought many magazines over the years and I subscribe to the wonderful Cloth, so I thought I would try my luck. Having chosen 2 projects I am quite proud of, the Vintage Cuff below and the Sew Serendipity Skirt, I sent them off and thought no more about it! Then I received an email from the lovely Susan at Sewbox telling me I had won a £10 voucher linked with the Sew Magazine reader page. Shortly after, I received another email, this time from Morgan at Cloth Magazine asking for my address regarding the delivery of some Tilda fabric!!

Here are the of the magazine pieces:

The Vintage Cuff in Cloth's Inbox feature

The Sew Serendipity Skirt in Sew's Dear Sew feature

And the goodies? I hear you cry!

The Tilda Teal Fat Quarter

The Papercut La Sylphide pattern courtesy of Sewbox

There is nothing quite like being recognised for a hobby you strive to be good at! I'm so excited about creating a version of the chic La Sylphide dress in a ditsy print fabric. The pattern is 3 in 1 a blouse, skirt or dress giving me the opportunity to try separates too, and making it a great value buy!

So don't be shy, go on send off images of your lovely sewing creations to your favourite magazines!

Emma x

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