Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Thank you flowers!

It's a lovely thing to be thanked, I recently came to the end of a 10 month secondment at work. My colleagues bought me this beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers. The blooms lasted for over a week, but alas had to go today. I make a point of taking photos of all the flowers I get, it's not often I receive them! 

The owl vase is not actually a vase, but a utensil holder. Unfortunately I didn't have a big enough vase for my flowers and my utensils are to big for it, so it is now! I am a bit of an owl fanatic at the moment and my colleagues know this. I also received a £10 haberdashery voucher, woop! 

I am so pleased with my achievements in my temporary job, but I am glad that the return to my original job means there will be more time for family, friends and crafting :)

Emma x 

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