Sunday, 27 May 2012

My new label writer

If you haven't already discovered the immense power of the label writer in organising your life, now is the time to get one. Sick of having to look through a range of storage boxes to find your craft or household items? Want to simplify your life? The beauty of the Motex label writer by OH MY - see their shop on Amazon or search for 'oh my motex'. 

The writer is really simple to operate and comes with tape in a range of contemporary and retro colours and patterns, my favourite is the blue spotty tape which coordinates so well with my Ikea storage boxes. I have also been using the label writer to make funky sentiments for handmade cards. Try it yourself. 

Thanks for reading,
Emma x

Funny how an owl always creeps in somewhere, twit twooo!...

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Trims and things project: Sew Serendipity Multi Fabric Skirt

9 months and many sewing weekends later, my Sew Serendipity skirt is now complete. I'm really pleased with the result. I have learned so many new sewing techniques from this project:
  • Sewing with ric rac
  • Creating a pocket
  • Sewing an invisible zip
  • Making ruffles
  • Finishing seams
  • Attaching a hook and eye

I definitely feel like the project was more difficult than the beginner patterns I have bought since, but I don't feel like it was an impossible task. It just took me a while to grasp each technique. Kay Whitt is great at breaking down the instructions with diagrams and illustrations. Anyone who has sewn US to UK or vice versa patterns will know there are subtle differences in phrases in the instructions. 

If there was one thing I could change about it I would take in the waistline a little more, it fits perfectly at the hip but is a little baggy around the waist. I didn't adjust it more than the instructions because I will wear tucked in or long tops with it this summer. Having said that, I'm really looking forward to showing it off!

I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading,
Emma x

The finished article!

Ruffled hem

Ruffled pocket edge

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Thank you flowers!

It's a lovely thing to be thanked, I recently came to the end of a 10 month secondment at work. My colleagues bought me this beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers. The blooms lasted for over a week, but alas had to go today. I make a point of taking photos of all the flowers I get, it's not often I receive them! 

The owl vase is not actually a vase, but a utensil holder. Unfortunately I didn't have a big enough vase for my flowers and my utensils are to big for it, so it is now! I am a bit of an owl fanatic at the moment and my colleagues know this. I also received a £10 haberdashery voucher, woop! 

I am so pleased with my achievements in my temporary job, but I am glad that the return to my original job means there will be more time for family, friends and crafting :)

Emma x 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Trims and things Jubilee project: Telephone box phone case

I made this phone case for my sister over a year ago now. I came across it whilst organising photos on my laptop. I suddenly had an epiphany, some jubilee fabric on the square and this could be the ultimate celebration gift, and I happen to need a new phone case myself. Spooky! :) 

The pattern was featured in Cloth Magazine's Spring issue 2011. You can purchase back issues on their website. I added the cute little heart shaped buttons to decorate. Happily my sister loved it, she isn't much of a crafter and paid me a great compliment when she said "this is the first thing you made for me that looks like it's shop bought and I will use." 

Don't forget to email me photos and your experience of any projects you make after reading the blog: sewnotorious[at]gmail[dot]com

Thanks for reading,
Emma x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Trims and things: Spring fabric wish list

Fabric rehab have some gorgeous cotton prints in for Spring/Summer, I'm loving Little Kukla - Doves teal, Marrakesh, Retro flowers (very Orla Kiely, no?) and finally for a fun, jubilee make London big stash bundle! Check out their website for many more gorgeous prints. 

 Images via Fabric rehab.

Don't forget to check out the new fabric ranges at Saints and Pinners and Raystitch too. 

You'll be pleased to hear I'm currently adding the hem to my Sew Serendipity Multi-Fabric skirt. Pictures and pattern tips coming soon! 

Thanks for reading,
Emma x