Monday, 7 January 2013

What's on my New Year sewing table?

Happy New Year everyone! 
Time to get my sewing self together and show you what I've been up to in late 2012. Big, positive changes happened for me last year in my work and personal life. Looking ahead I want to really invest some time in my sewing again. I was lucky enough to receive a working lamp in teal for Christmas. As well as, the wonderful Lady Valet below. It's great for my back and posture being able to work standing up, rather than stopping and starting to give myself a break! 

Here is my current Work In Progress, introducing the Lisette K2059 dress. Shaping for my small bust and wide hips has taken some time (to say the least), but has been very much worth it. I'm really looking forward to making this in other fabrics from my ever growing stash. 
If you are looking to purchase a sewing form I would recommend the Lady Valet. The form's soft fabric holds your work in place very well, and the spinning feature means you can achieve a great finish and fit to your specific measurements. 

For 2013 I've decided not to make any sewing resolutions, my only resolution will be to enjoy my sewing and post on this blog more regularly about all things sew!! Do you have any burning sewing resolutions for the new year?

Emma x