Sunday, 12 February 2012

Oh My Gosh it's February 2012!

Hello! Long time, no blog. I am getting back on track after a crazy December and January, plus at work the launch of a new library in Plymouth. 

As I feel such a failed blogger, I thought this would be a good time to review my sewing progress from last year and also to think about revamping trims and things. 

Here is my list of to dos from 2011:

I have sew many resolutions for this year (you'll pardon the pun), here is my list:
#1. Project restyle - I made a cover for my steamer chair and restyled a boring garden chair into a reading lounger I could be proud of.
#2. Complete my long started (and languishing ever hopefully) Amy Butler Anna Tunic dress - The tunic dress never did come together despite 6 months work and help from a friend on numerous sewing days. Instead I started the Sew Serendipity Skirt, which is cut out and prepped ready to sew together.
#3. Sew my Cath Kidston handbag (the bag came with the Sew! book I received for my birthday - I have sewn the base of the bag together and need to add the straps and trims.
#4. Set up and launch my Folksy shop - My shop opened but didn't have much success. I sold the bags I made to friends to give as Christmas presents. Feedback was positive but making for me is where I will be focussing my efforts in 2012. Sometimes you have to recognise when you are beat!
#5. Add some more flair to this blog by taking part in Elsie's blog love e-course - I absolutely love Elsie's blog abeautifulmess and continue to be a dedicated reader. I am going to have a little shake up of my blog as a result  of Elsie's advice from the course and include some more lifestyle and broader craft features, not just sewing! I incorporate knitting and other crafts into my week and I am sure will appeal to you and enable me to post more regularly. 

So here is my new list for 2012:
#1. Complete my Sew Serendipity Skirt and Cath Kidston shoulder bag.
#2. Revamp my blog design with a new look for 2012.
#3. Share with you my knitting and other craft projects.
#4. Blog about my favourite places to go and craft related purchases made.
#5. Incorporate my style in fashion and home interiors for you all to see.
#6. Share with you my favourite purchases.

Thanks for reading my blog x

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