Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Library Frock Exchange

I already mentioned the clothes swapping event I am organising on March 13. Here are full details for you as promised. I just love the image, after all beautiful books are our unique selling point. If you live in the Plymouth area and want to come along you can buy your ticket at one of our libraries. Full details of all our libraries on the website.

The great thing about clothes swapping events is that you can still get the same exciting rush as when you purchase a new item, whilst saving money and the planet. Quids in!

Don't worry if you can't make it, our event photos will appear on the library Flickr page. I will post the link after the event. There's still so much preparation to do yet :)

We're really excited to have The Pin Tin selling fabrics and haberdashery, plus fashion students from the local college will be customising and altering clothing. I hope we can inspire people to learn to sew and save. My new mantra is make do and mend. I found this lovely poster online, so shopaholics join the campaign and put them up at home!

Emma x

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